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Thank you for your interest in Lanyon hospitality insight. We hope you find the reports below insightful and useful in your management of hospitality matters at your company. Please click on the links below to download the desired report.

Corporations and Travel Management Companies

Imagine for a moment not negotiating 33% of your hotel program. North America? Check. Asia? Check. Europe? Whoops. Ludicrous, right?
Unfortunately, that is precisely what the vast majority of hotel procurement managers unknowingly decide to do every year by not investing the time, energy, and resources to ensure their hotel program has Rate Integrity. You might be asking what exactly what Rate Integrity is, and how it differs from the time worn principle of conducting a rate audit at the conclusion of a hotel RFP. Learn More...

Consider the analogy of negotiated hotel programs to the Ford Assembly Line. What would have
resulted if the Model T did not undergo a test drive as the final phase of the manufacturing process? Faulty brakes, defective odometer - a number of defects could have been overlooked. Similar to the Model T, a negotiated hotel program must be "test-driven". The hotel rate audit is the tool used to test the negotiated rates to ensure they are accurate and available to be booked. Quarterly rate audits are recommended to ensure correct rates remain loaded throughout all seasons. Test drive hotel programs frequently for optimum results! Learn More...

Take a hard look at the steps in the RFP process and decide what service configuration best meets your desired business objectives and your management style. What may work spectacularly well for one travel buyer may be at odds with another. In addition, one consulting firm, or one technology company may be a perfect choice for one company, but not another. Finding your right configuration and supplier will take an initial time investment, but will pay off when you are able to increase your year-over-year program savings…and do it in half the time. Learn More...

Finalizing your negotiated hotel rate program is the start of the process…NOT the end! Hotel negotiations are just the first step in reducing hotel spend and adding value to your hotel program. Once careful negotiation of rates and amenities are completed much is then left very much to chance in the GDS hotel rate implementation and loading process. As the hotels are responsible for loading the accepted negotiated hotel rates at property level, and the agencies are responsible for loading the GDS access security link tables, no one person or group has control over the entire process. Learn More...

Lanyon Hospitality Insight

Managing hospitality matters for your business has never been more complex. We offer practical advice to help you make sense of the complexity and offer experienced guidance to navigate the process. Please click on the links below to download the desired report.

Lanyon webinars

Corporations and Travel Management Companies

Download the Lanyon Hotel Rate Integrity webinar to learn about the causes of hotel rate issues and what you can do to ensure your negotiated rates and amenities are loaded properly....and available when booked.

By downloading the Lanyon Hotel Rate Integrity webinar you will learn:
- The definition of Hotel Rate Integrity, and why it is critical to your business
- The primary causes of Rate Integrity gaps
- What you can do to close Rate Integrity gaps
- How to partner with hotel suppliers to enlist their help
- How to ensure your Rate Integrity gaps don't reemerge

Download The Webinar!

Download the Lanyon webinar to learn how you can address a large and often unmanaged aspect of your hospitality spend; corporate project work and long term corporate housing. Learn what other firms are doing to address this issue and how much savings opportunities might exist for your business.

By downloading the Lanyon webinar you will learn:
- The size and scope of corporate project and long term housing needs
- How best in class companies currently address this issue
- What you can do to identify the size and scope of this sourcing opportunity
- New processes and technologies available to create savings
- How you can realize savings for your firm

Download The Webinar!

Hotel spend continues to take a bigger and bigger share of your travel and procurement budget and all the experts believe that share will continue to grow. In this webinar Lanyon and TRX will discuss how combining the strengths of hotel sourcing tools with data analytics can offer a complete solution that will truly revolutionize the way you manage your program and lead to greater cost savings. Learn the latest in best practices and see how the combined power of Lanyon and TRX technologies will improve how travel managers are managing their preferred supplier programs by uncovering and leveraging crucial insight.

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Thank you for your interest in Lanyon presentations. We hope you find the presentations below insightful and useful in your management of hospitality matters at your company. Please click on the links below to download the desired presentation.

3 Part EMEA Webinar Series

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Download Report!

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Converge 2013

An essential aspect of our future success is the ability to engage directly with all of you. Now in our third year, Converge brings together the very best people in hospitality travel management to discuss and engage around key industry issues. As the exclusive business travel event focused purely on hospitality, Converge enables corporate travel buyers and hospitality suppliers to come together to review global industry trends, discuss solutions to common challenges and enjoy tremendous networking opportunities. The conference agenda is all about you. Experience the latest technology, tools and resources to manage all of the vital processes and take advantage of this opportunity to meet with peers and partners alike to help shape our industry's future.

Converge 2013 is designed to be a collaboration and convergence of ideas, trends and getting a jump on future challenges – don’t miss it! For more information please email

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