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Lanyon offers the most comprehensive hospitality spend management solutions in the industry. The Lanyon Total Hospitality Marketplace provides complete, global visibility of 100% of hospitality sourcing and spend management opportunities related to transient, project and meetings hotel programs within one easy to use portal, promoting efficient interaction, in real-time, with suppliers as buyers negotiate and manage their hotel programs. Total Hospitality Spend Management™ enables travel buyers to optimize their savings and leverage their relationships, working together with their suppliers to improve both the processes and results related to transient travel, engagements and projects, and meeting and events programs.

The Total Hospitality Marketplace

Corporations and third party providers
Reduce Hospitality SpendOptimize Negotiations
Expand Sourcing OptionsAudit & Benchmark Rates
Streamline RFP ProcessStrengthen Relationships

Lanyon Total Hospitality Spend Management™

Total Hospitality Spend Management™

The Lanyon Total Hospitality Spend Management™ solution is the first industry platform that consolidates every aspect of corporate hospitality spend that has previously been managed within separate applications, including transient hotel, meetings and events, engagements and projects, and rate integrity. Lanyon Total Hospitality Spend Management is the first and only industry solution that allows corporate travel buyers to source and manage every aspect of their hospitality spend through a single, unified platform. Learn more...

Lanyon Transient Sourcing

Lanyon Transient Sourcing is a powerful web-based system that dramatically lowers the time investment required to manage the corporate hotel RFP process. Learn more...

Lanyon Meetings & Event Management

Lanyon offers a Next Generation Meeting & Event Management solution which is fully integrated with an enterprise preferred supplier strategy. Utilizing intuitive design elements typically found in consumer travel websites, the solution has been specifically designed to close “the user experience gap” which has prevented First Generation meetings solutions from gaining wide enterprise adoption. Learn more...

Lanyon Engagement & Project Sourcing

Lanyon Engagement & Project Sourcing is the first corporate sourcing solution to address the $50B global market that spans mid- to long term stays. Lanyon Engagement & Project Sourcing saves travel buyers time in sourcing individual properties and delivers new savings through a competitive bidding and negotiation process not previously available. Learn more...

Lanyon Corporate Hotel Directory

Detailed property information provided to the traveler including: name, location, rate, star rating, complimentary amenities, standard amenities, negotiated cancellation policy and other important information. Learn more...

Lanyon Marketplace Intelligence™

Lanyon Marketplace Intelligence™ Dashboard

Lanyon Marketplace Intelligence™ delivers real-time market and pricing analyses to inform hotel rate and amenity negotiations. Marketplace Intelligence is a new, fully integrated business intelligence dashboard accessed through the Lanyon Total Hospitality Portal that displays graphical and analytical views of a corporation’s negotiated programs in comparison to similar compiled and averaged data from all of Lanyon’s 750+ corporate accounts. It delivers data via a powerful, intuitive and interactive online dashboard with visualizations that include Google maps, Scorecards, Charts and Graphs and drill-down analytics. Learn more...

Lanyon Rate Integrity

Lanyon Rate Parity

Lanyon Rate Parity squarely addresses the pervasive issue many corporate travel buyers have with consumer websites that offer rates below their negotiated corporate rate and undermine the perceived value of their hotel program. In recent tests, significantly lower rates (up to 40% lower) were available on the open market at 25% of preferred properties evaluated. Learn more...

Lanyon Rate Audit significantly reduces the time and cost of performing hotel rate audits. Utilizing Lanyon Rate Audit means you no longer have to manually check each rate access code for availability, or its rate value against your corporate contract. Lanyon’s automated process can check an unlimited number of rate access codes and their associated hotels in a single process. Learn more...

Recent independent research indicates that up to 53% of negotiated rates that passed rate audit checking were not available to be booked through the corporate travel agency or self booking tools! Without an automated ability to identify and eliminate these issues a company can lose 30% of its expected negotiated savings. Learn more...

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