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Sample Registration Forms

If you need to open registration for your event — but have no idea what to ask or how to get started — we make it easy!
When you’re ready to get going with your own form, RegOnline® by Lanyon offers a basic package of questions that are standard on the average registration form. From there, you can choose from a list of additional questions to add to your form, with the option to make them mandatory to answer.
If we don’t have a question that you need to ask, simply create a custom question in one simple step. There’s no need to learn HTML or graphic design to make a snazzy, yet fully-functional, online registration form.

Thousands of event organizers have used RegOnline® by Lanyon to create easy, user-friendly online registration forms. In addition, educators and school administrators can quickly build course registration forms. It usually takes less than an hour to get the form up and running online, ready for your registrants.