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Lanyon launches a new certification process to recognize trained individuals and organizations

Lanyon Certified Contracting Manager

What is Lanyon Certification?
Are you a Lanyon Master? Over the past 3 years Lanyon has transformed from a provider of supplier solutions to a Global Hospitality Marketplace. With products ranging from RFPs to Market Leads, Engagements to Meetings, and Business Intelligence to Marketing, Lanyon is focused on digitized connections that drive high value revenue. Are you fully prepared and do you possess the knowledge to effectively manage these opportunities?

Lanyon now offers certification to engage our customers on area’s outside their traditional role, allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge of the contracting process and Lanyon.
Lanyon Certification ensures that you are fully up to date regarding key enhancements and best practices.  Areas of focus include the Supplier Portal, Enhanced Reporting, and a thorough overview of Lanyon's going interaction with demand side clients (Corporations, Consortia, and Intermediaries).
At the end of this course, you will be well positioned to understand the Lanyon Global Hospitality Marketplace and able to enhance your organization’s performance.

Topics Covered

Lead/RFP Management
- What solutions does Lanyon offer to streamline my processes?
- What types of buyers participate in the Lanyon Global Hospitality Marketplace?
- Best practices on interactions with those buyers and how to optimize this activity

Process Management
- How to efficiently utilize the Lanyon tools to reduce the cost of managing interactions
- What key enhancements have been released over the past 12 months and how will upcoming releases impact my processes?
- What is the Lanyon Supplier Portal and how does it benefit me?

Business Intelligence
- What key information can Lanyon provide to enhance my performance and market position?
- How and when will Lanyon enhance its business intelligence capability?

Becoming Certified
Lanyon will be offering the initial certification course (4 x Hourly Interactive Sessions) at our annual “Converge Conference” in Orlando in May 2013 and will provide ongoing certification opportunities.
Upon completion of the four modules, certification will be awarded by passing a certification test covering the topics.

Benefits to Certification
- Participation in Lanyon’s Customer User Forum (1 Year)
- Proximity Report for properties for the previous calendar year
- Recognition in Lanyon’s list of suppliers indicating a certified Chain/Brand/Property
- Receipt of a list of Lanyon Corporate Accounts with historical RFP release timing
- Framed Lanyon Certification Diploma

Staying Certified
To remain certified after this course, all you need to do is attend at least one Lanyon Vault Administrator training session annually.

For further information please email us at, or speak to your Lanyon Account Manager.
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