Kevin Iwamoto

by Kevin Iwamoto September 15, 2014

Mark Your Calendars for a New Lanyon-PCMA Webinar on SMM on September 24

Do you have full visibility into your meetings spend? Can you manage your meetings and events centrally? Do you track your costs for compliance? If your answers to some or all of these questions are “no,” I invite you to spend an hour with me at 2 p.m., ET, on September 24th in a live webcast Lanyon is producing with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) on “How to Initiate a...

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by Kevin Iwamoto September 12, 2014

10 Transformative Meetings Technology Trends for 2015

My friend Corbin Ball, who is a top tech guru in our industry, recently released his technology trends forecast for 2015.  This is a must read, and what I call a “keeper” in terms of on-line resource information. Corbin has graciously and thoroughly added informational links throughout his listing of transformative technology trends, which you can read here: Some of Corbin’s...

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by Kevin Iwamoto September 9, 2014

Disruptive Technologies and Change - Friend or Foe?

I've  just read a great article in PCMA’s Convene publication about the effect and impact that Airbnb is having in our industry as the disruptor du jour.  We've all witnessed and experienced the impact that disruptive technologies and changes have had in our industry, as well as others.  In some cases, that disruption has caused obsolescence of business models like analog vs. digital music and...

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by Kevin Iwamoto September 3, 2014

Come Hear About New Meetings Industry Trends at GBTA North Central Chapter’s September Event

The folks at the GBTA North Central Chapter in Minnesota have graciously invited me to come and speak at their September meeting. I’m really looking forward to it! The event is being held at 11 a.m. CT, on September 11th, at the Doubletree Saint Paul. I’m going to take the opportunity to talk about new trends in the meetings industry, including some of the latest business and meetings travel...

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by Kevin Iwamoto September 3, 2014

Are You Meeting with a Conference-Crasher?

The New York Times featured an interesting article about conference crashers who don’t register and attend conferences as legitimate delegates. Rather, they only want to leverage the networking aspect for those conferences without paying for it.  The article features people who actually admit to doing this and sort of brag about how much money they save. They hang around conference hotels, bars,...

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by Kevin Iwamoto August 29, 2014

Five Online Security Tips for WiFi When Traveling

I recently read a great article in Business Traveler that I recommend you read, too: If you travel as much as I do, don’t be lazy and not use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your WiFi sessions -- whether it’s public or in the privacy of your hotel room.  According to the article, because WiFi is simply radio waves, hackers and identify thieves can easily listen in to anything you send...

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by Kevin Iwamoto August 27, 2014

5 Steps To Getting Your Business Case Approved

I just read a great article by Michel Theriault about 5 steps to getting your business case approved:  1. Understand the Decision Drivers 2. Build Credibility 3. Break Down the Objections 4. Influence the Influencers 5. Orchestrate the Pitch I’m going to add a 6th step, which I always evangelize whenever I speak publicly: Perfect your elevator pitch.  If you are in an elevator and one of your senor...

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by Kevin Iwamoto August 25, 2014

The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile Engagement at Events

Recently at the Event Innovation Forum held in Los Angeles on June 19, Sean MacNeill, C.E.O. of MobileCause, shared how planners and marketers can leverage mobile tools to maximize attendee engagement -- while also being mindful of key mistakes never to make. If you have about 15 minutes to spare, watch him share some great information. 

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by Kevin Iwamoto August 22, 2014

Uber Wants to Be Part of Your Lifestyle!

Having had a series of great experiences using Uber X in various cities and locally in Silicon Valley, I had to do a follow-up from my recent blog posting about Uber.  It appears that Uber is not just competing with taxi and sedan service companies.  They are actually competing with other businesses too. In fact, they want to be part of your lifestyle choices.  Recently, I went to Austin, TX, to...

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by Kevin Iwamoto August 20, 2014

4 Stats You Should Know About Your Millennial Attendees

I just read a great article on PCMA's site by Corey Domek that outlines 4 things that you should know about your new Millennial attendees:   1-Millennials check their smartphones 43 times per day; 2-60 percent of US Millennials will give personal information to a trusted brand; 3-Facebook is still the #1 place they discover new content; 4-60 percent want to hear about something other than...

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