Showcase Your Properties to Qualified Meeting Planners with Billions of Dollars in Buying Power

Respond to and win more business, lower manual work, showcase your property, and easily keep abreast of competitors’ rates. If you want to increase revenue and lower costs, we have a solution for you.

Lanyon Marketview™

Quickly review, manage and respond to group RFPs, manage leads, communicate with buyers and integrate data with leading hotel sales force automation tools to track wins more effectively with this intuitive cloud-based RFP management platform.

Train and certify your sales staff to review and respond to group RFPs quickly, while receiving valuable insights to improve your response rate and benchmark against others.

Promote Your Property to Group Meeting & Event Buyers

Showcase your properties to qualified meeting planners with billions of dollars in buying power.

  • Raise your visibility with one-, two-, three- and four-star marketing packages
  • Get placed on top of the list – priority given to four-star packages in descending order to one-star package holders
  • Receive extra weighting in search results as a Passkey-enabled hotel 

Easily Manage Your Leads

Easily review, manage and respond to RFPs up to 70 percent faster than before.

  • Save hours of time via a single response page
  • Send faster and more accurate responses with pre-populated RFP answers
  • Review, evaluate, and assign incoming group RFPs to the right sales office with mobile NSO 

Analyze Your Performance to Increase Market Share

Metrics are the heart of your business. With our reporting and metrics capabilities, you:

  • View all RFPs delivered to your property and monitor RFP response times
  • Track the number and types of leads that translate into opportunities
  • Get insight on key market trends impacting your market share
  • Rank your performance against your competitive set