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Automate the manual tasks in creating your next event or conference — so you can focus on engaging attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Lanyon Events software helps you create a smarter event with online tools for registration, speaker and exhibitor management, attendee management, managing online communities, and analyzing real-time data and insights. 
Lanyon Event modules are listed below. To download an overview click here.
Registration (Attendee Management)

Manage event registration and attendees easier than ever.

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Exhibitor & Sponsor Management

Give exhibitors a single, online portal.

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Session & Speaker Management (Content Management)

Handle speaker submissions, voting, selection and more on a central, online portal.

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Create an online community to engage your audiences 24/7, 365.

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All your event information is located within one system and easily accessible on-site.

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Business Intelligence (Insight)

Track the entire attendee experience, and collect usable data and reporting in real-time.

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Increase attendee engagement with a variety of innovative mobile features.

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