Save up to 30% Annually on Meeting Costs with our Strategic Meetings Management Tool

Access meetings intelligence to better control costs and negotiate with suppliers.

Lanyon StarCite Offers the Most Advanced SMM Today

You manage many types of meetings across your organization, but often it is hard to keep track of them or know what is being spent on them.

Lanyon StarCite solves that problem by offering the most advanced Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) software for companies today. With automated features to handle sourcing, online registration, compliance, managing attendees, and expense reconciliation, plus a total view—both real-time and historical—into your meetings portfolio, you save anywhere from 10%-25% annually on your meetings spend.

Get Your SMM Program Started with Simple Meetings

Simple Meetings (formerly Small Meetings 2.5) is your SMM Starter Kit, an easy-to-use tool for creating and sourcing any small or simple meeting. It is also the perfect entry point for beginning a strategic meetings management program (SMMP). Create, source and manage attendees for any simple meeting while gaining full visibility and control over all your simple meetings spend across your entire organization.

Procure the Right Suppliers for Your Organization

Gain a total view of what you spend on meetings across your entire organization and save, on average, 10%-25% by tracking use of preferred hotels and negotiating better prices. Shop for hotels from an online marketplace with tens of thousands of hotels globally and create RFPs in ready-to-go or custom templates. 

Plan and Budget Your Meetings and Events

Centrally plan and manage all your events; and protect your company from risks that come with meetings—including non-compliance to spending guidelines and industry and government regulations. You have all the tools you need to easily centralize planning, manage planners, forecast future spending, and budget and track out-of-policy spending.

Promote and Market Your Event

Make inviting, registering, and managing people for your meetings a breeze. With a single system, send custom invites based on participant type, manage one-on-one meetings for executives, as well as manage hotel room blocks and more.

Manage Meeting Expenses

Get a handle on expenses by consolidating your meetings and T&E costs all in one place. Upload meetings spend data in real-time, reconcile them to budgeted items online, and integrate expenses with your corporate, CRM, and financial systems. With a single meetings charge card, you save time and money by consolidating invoices and payments. 

Engage Your Attendees at Your Next Meeting

Our mobile event app lets your attendees have personalized schedules, attendee-to-attendee messaging, news alerts, social sharing and more – all in the palm of their hands.

Analyze Every Part of Your Meetings and Events with Real-Time Insight

Access data and insights to measure your meetings ROI, including real-time reports to make adjustments and decisions about your meetings on the fly. With historical data and insights, you can ensure compliance with all policies and regulations, while tracking the long-term effectiveness and ROI of your meetings program.